The Titanfall Gaming Experience - Does it Live up To Expectations?

By @judithaparri on

Titanfall may possibly be one of the most fun and exciting video games this year. The game may have flaws or imperfections but it is robust and provides limitless customization. It is a real campaign of sheer joy of movement paired with the most intense actions of online shooter in console history; so that these would make up whatever missing feature Titanfall has.

Does Titanfall live up to the expectations of the masses? Jacob Siegal stated his favor for the game in his review posted on BGR

Titanfall is not a big change, but its focus on a feel-good gameplay loop as a three-A game. The innovative standard in game development is giving consumers a single-player campaign, unlockable outfits, dozens of modes, competitive multiplayer and a lot of promised features. Just like a kitchen sink, it works sometimes but at times, it's Battlefield 4.

TItanfall lives up to the expectations because it does everything it promised to do, and does it really well.

The traversal feeling as a Pilot is unmatched by other games in the genre, even the vertigo-inducing Tribes and Unreal Tournament. It will be more fun when you have already become efficient in double jumping and wall-running, as you will race the map end to end without losing momentum - unless of course, you get shot.

Titanfall is balanced. The player can indulge in it for hours, but still has to run into maps that are not perfectly scaled, in order to handle both the Pilot and the Titans. He still has to do more rotten rounds for a new strategy.

The Titanfall and the infrastructure behind it are quite optimistic after its early days that were relatively flawless.  Though the servers struggled on the evening it launched and there was an Xbox Live hiccup, there were no other notable issues especially on connectivity.

Titanfall is as good as expected because many users cannot stop playing it. It is addicting and engaging and players can invest longer times in the game than they do with other video games, which compared to Titanfall, could not hold interest long enough. Titanfall's sprinting across maps for takedowns, escaping threats within life's inch, calling down a Titan and unleashing hell of opponents are all sublime. Titanfall motivates the players for more maps, more weapons and more modes so they keep on gaming and enjoying.

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