Titanfall Experiences Better Launch Than Other EA Games; Issues Found And Resolved

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One of the worries of the players for the Titanfall launch has been the potential problems it will encounter being an online multiplayer.

Previous launches like EA's SimCity and Battlefield 4 had proven that despite beta testings, there are still several things that can go wrong with online multiplayers.

At the get-go, it was a bit of a problem. But at the very least, it was not a full-scale one, and certainly not a server problem that lasted forever before being fixed, an impressive feat for Titanfall.

Videogamer first reported early issues encountered by Titanfall players, where the servers needed a patch for it to resolve.

"We're aware that some users have experienced early issues on PC and Xbox One. We've just pushed a patch that's now recovering servers quickly. Players will load into Private Lobbies much faster and we're continuing to monitor," Respawn said in an official announcement quoted by Videogamer.

But there is another problem spotted by some gamers as reported by PC World. One involves issues with multi-GPU setup. It seems that players may be encountering difficulty with this, as confirmed by Respawn.

"If you're having issues with multiple GPUs in Titanfall, we're aware. Should be fixed in an upcoming patch," Titanfall said as quoted by PC World.

Resolving Server Issues

For those who play the game on the PC with previous error 503 encounters, it seems that this has already been resolved by the developer.

IGN previously reported about an Origin-related error 503, wherein gamers are not able to connect online to play Titanfall. For those who do get connected, it was possible to get dropped from the game.

Xbox One users also encountered sign-in issues with the Xbox Live, although according to Major Nelson, the problems are on the Xbox Live end and not Titanfall.

"If you are having issues signing into Xbox Live, we are aware of it and actively working on the issue. This is not a Titanfall issue," Major Nelson said over his Twitter as quoted by Polygon.

This issue has already been resolved for Xbox Live for some users. But for those who are still experiencing sign-in problems, Microsoft has suggested a cold reboot for the Xbox One. You can do this by powering it down, unplugging the console, waiting for 10 seconds before plugging it back in and power it back on.

This was reported by GameSpot as a possible resolution for the Xbox One problems encountered via Xbox Live.

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