Titanfall Enjoys the Almost Million Sales Mark, Celebrates with New Titanfall Experiences at E3 2014

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Titanfall has become a very successful franchise for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, and has helped propel the sales of the next-gen console due to the bundle being offered alongside Titanfall.

However, Titanfall has also achieved a milestone for itself as the sales number has been released to reveal that in three weeks of selling, the sci-fi shooter game has reached 925,000 units sold.

According to Engadget, the numbers haven't counted the digital or worldwide sales yet, meaning that Titanfall copies that were purchased via Origin PC and straight from the Xbox One dashboard weren't counted, as reported by EA COO Peter Moore.

Almost a rain on that parade is the fact that inFamous: Second Son, the PS4 exclusive, has sold more than what has already been reported about Titanfall, and that's only on one platform.

Even more of a party crasher to the good news is that Titanfall's sales number is technically not part of EA's earnings report at all. To start with, EA's revenue is down at $1.12 billion from the $1.21 billion of Q3 2013, which may have contributed to the overall decrease in revenue for the fiscal year.

Forbes has been diligently reporting on the absence of Titanfall numbers for EA and Microsoft, especially when it's supposed to be one of the celebrated games, with others even calling it as the reason to buy the Xbox One in the first place.

More new Titanfall experiences promised at E3 2014

Regardless of absent sales count and the possibility of Titanfall having been a so-so game in terms of how gamers received it, EA and developer Respawn Entertainment has hinted that there will be new Titanfall experiences coming at E3 2014.

It was also during the conference call that they were not only going ot showcase six games that are being developed at the E3, the event will also be the venue for announcing the new Titanfall experiences in the future.

Technically, Respawn Entertainment has not yet announced if Titanfall is going to be an annual game similar to other big titles like Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, and Battlefield, among others. But if there's fanfare towards the thought of new Titanfall experiences, it must mean more than just additional content.

DualShockers has a list of the unannounced titles that will be coming from EA, and among them is a "TBA" that is slated for console and PC release. It's interestingly placed in Q3, which could be the Titanfall sequel. Or if not, a spin-off that may actually go beyond the Xbox One and Xbox 360 exclusivity. After all, the developer did tease that the future of Titanfall is not going to be exclusive, and given the inconsistencies reported about numbers and the Titanfall hype, the developer may look at adding more bulk and content to its future releases.

As a confirmation of Titanfall making a big show at E3 2014, Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella even commented on Twitter, "Looks like the cat is out of the bag! 'New Titanfall experiences' await you in the future! Excited at the opportunity! This is gonna be fun."

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