'Titanfall' to Drop Resolution to 720p, Install Size Revealed and the Question of Switching Sides

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With news of the Xbox One now bundling "Titanfall" as a free game circulating, it's no wonder that the main question on people's minds is whether this new development can help Xbox One beat the PS4.

So far, Sony's next-gen console has been dominating in a number of ways, while the Xbox One aims to struggle along as new exclusive releases, like "Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare" and the much-hyped "Titanfall" come into play.

The beta for "Titanfall" alone has gotten over 2 million players, allowing it to not only refine some of the identified issues during the period but also to put out "Titanfall" as the potential game switcher for the Xbox One.

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But will "Titanfall" really be that one game to make gamers switch, given new details emerging of another decreased resolution on the Xbox One and much better textures and resolutions on the PC for "Titanfall"?

Resolution to Drop to 720p for Xbox One

Despite "Titanfall's" possibility of being the winning game on the Xbox One, those who invest in games because of resolutions may find this new rumour to be a problem.

According to Just Push Start, a new detail for "Titanfall" reveals that it may be looking at a resolution reduction, from the 792p reported resolution to a launch resolution of only 720p.

This comes from the NeoGAF forums, particularly user CBOAT, who has had a record of Microsoft leaks in the past. According to the post, the beta resolution of 792p is not final, but instead of rising the ranks, it fell down to just 720p. However, the alpha textures are rumoured to stay as final ones.

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As the touted "main game" for Xbox One, this is a pretty surprising move. But it does match up with previous rumours back in January as reported by Insiderp that the alpha version of "Titanfall" is most likely to run at 720p and 60 FPS. It seems that this is really unlikely to change, as there have been rumours that the Xbox One is already struggling as it is to play the 720p "Titanfall."

Download Size Revealed

Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment has also revealed the necessary requirements for the PC version of the final build.

Naturally, this has gotten quite the surprised reactions from fans.

Mr Zampella did not clarify what the contents of the massive 48 GB download would include, but then again, there are already reports of how "insane" the texture resolutions are for the PC version of "Titanfall."

DualShockers previously spotted a list of graphic settings, which include 16 video options, as leaked by a NeoGAF user. It seems like a far cry from the resolutions that have been set for the Xbox One, and surely the video options alone will take up quite the space in the overall installation requirements for "Titanfall."

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