'Titanfall' Cheaters Beware, Respawn on the Hunt, Australian Servers to Go Live, Xbox One Player Gets 1M Gamerscore with 'Titanfall'

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Even back during the beta phase of "Titanfall," there have been users who have encountered cases of cheating---an impressive feat, considering how fast cheaters are able to adapt and get into games.

Now it seems that the game is also being plagued by gamers who are using aimbots and other tools that count as cheating in the "Titanfall" territory. But the good thing is that normal players who just want to enjoy the game fair and square are on the same page as developer Respawn.

According to VG 24/7, the issue of cheating seems to be pronounced for the PC version with few to no cases going in over the Xbox One. It would be interesting to see what Respawn would do to the cheaters once they have been rounded up.

Australian Servers Will Be Up Soon

Respawn's teaser on the "good news for Aussies" actually mean great news, as it has just been announced that Australian servers will be coming for the game.

Polygon spotted the following tweet from Vince Zampella, founder of Respawn:  

This was confirmed and made official by an EA Australian spokesperson, announcing that those in Australia and New Zealand can connect to Australia-based servers for all platforms. This will surely deal with the lagging problems that gamers are experiencing with the franchise, especially with the lack of a local server to handle all the demands of the game.

In the meantime, those in South Africa have not yet been updated on whether the developers can also do the same for the territory, as it has just been announced that the poor performance of "Titanfall" during beta caused it to not be released in the area.

Guinness World Record 1M Gamerscore Achieved

Thanks to "Titanfall," Xbox Live user Stallion83 (a.k.a. Raymond Cox in real life) has now achieved the 1M Gamerscore record.

Joystiq reports that the world-record event happened on March 13, after completing a game of "Titanfall." It seems that the event is now being verified with the Guinness World Record so it can be listed as the official highest Gamerscore to date.

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