'Titanfall' Beta Starts Valentine’s Day, New Trailer for Beta Run; 'Titanfall' Controls List Leaked

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Valentine's Day for gamers will be very sweet, if only because this is the start for the beta access for "Titanfall."

Now that EA has confirmed the schedule for the beta access---the end will be on Feb 17---gamers are clamoring to get into the beta, which has been opened for sign-ups already.

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Over at the official Web site for the "TItanfall" beta access, what gamers need would be a subscription to the "Titanfall" newsletter, registration to the beta and an Origin account (for PC users). Obviously, given the limited slots for beta access, completing all the requirements does not guarantee access to the beta.

According to VG 24/7, the game will feature three modes: Attrition, where it's basically a death match between teams; Last Titan Standing where each player will have a Titan; and Hardpoint Domination, which basically has a capture-and-hold approach towards fighting.

A new trailer has already been released as a teaser for the beta run, which you can catch below:

(Credit:YouTube/EA Games Australia & New Zealand)

What Makes 'Titanfall' Unique as an FPS Shooter

To give a glimpse of what players can expect when they do get in the beta access, Polygon has a few more details and comments of what the game brings.

As a Pilot in the game, players have unique capabilities, like invisibility, super speed and fighting abilities to be at par with the AI-controlled Grunts. After a while, players get to pilot a titan, which is strategic since there will be more AI units that will be harder to take down.

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The cool feature to the end of the game is that the losing team will be given a chance to redeem themselves by escaping and earning points, but it depends on the mercy of the wining team who can choose to be selfish and destroy the means of escape or just eliminate the survivors.

According to the report, Last Titan Standing is a multiplayer mode that gamers can look forward to in the beta, and here the goal will be self-preservation of a player's titan through the use of tactics and strategies.

Start Studying Up on the Controls List for 'Titanfall'

There's also a new bit of leak that puts the Xbox One controller in focus for "Titanfall." Those who want more of "Titanfall" can start with the leaked controls list for the game.

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TitanfallCompetitive has gotten its hands on how to play the game even before it's released. In the link, gamers can see the snapshot of what the controls do in the game, so if they're the type who wants to avoid fumbling with the buttons while playing the game, this is a pretty good study guide.

First off, there are two sets of controls, one for the pilot and another for the titan. There are a number of similarities for the two versions, like the buttons for Switching or Picking up Weapons, for Crouching, for Lock/Melee and for firing weapons, so it may not be that hard to remember these when players are already faced with the tension of the game.

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