'Titanfall' Beta Access Details and Future Plans

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"Titanfall's" beta on Xbox One and PC is coming ever closer for gamers, as Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment has recently tweeted more details for those who are planning to join.

During this time, beta codes will be revealed, and it has been confirmed that, though the time for the reveal of beta codes will be the same everywhere else, the beta access to "Titanfall" will not be for U.S. residents alone. *Another awaited game, "Watch Dogs," has been confirmed for a more specific release date timeframe, while its Wii U version will be delayed: Read the full story here. However, those who were hoping that pre-ordering the game would be some kind of assurance of a bigger chance to get in the beta access, Mr Zampella has also stated that Respawn has tried to do the beta access based on pre-orders, but it could not be done.

Still, those who can't wait for the game to release can start setting their alarms in time for the beta codes. Expect updates of what will happen in the next few days.

*"Batman: Arkham Origins" may not have glitch fixes for the meantime, as the team preps for the story DLC: Get the details here.

'Titanfall's' Future: A Franchise in the Making?

"Titanfall" is one of the most watched-for games this coming next month, but even before the game has actually been released, publisher EA already plans on making it more than just a one-game wonder.

In an interview with GameSpot, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed some of the plans for a "Titanfall" sequel.

*Having withdrawal symptoms from "Flappy Bird? Here are a few other games that have similar addictive tendencies: Check it out here.

The potential of the game lies in its unique and exciting gameplay, and it also helps that EA seems to be a little more confident this time around in terms of "Titanfall" launch, stating that it is very hopeful that a "Battlefield 4" fiasco is not expected for this game.

What's more interesting would be the discussion of "Titanfall's" presence in other platforms. While it has already been confirmed that the first "Titanfall" will be an exclusive to the Xbox console platform for its lifetime, but succeeding installments have not yet been exclusively claimed by Microsoft. And for now, there are no confirmations yet even from EA on whether or not "Titanfall" will see a release on the PS4 and PS3 for its next game.

Others have been hopeful, like SCEE brand manager Alex Moyet, who had previously tweeted that "Titanfall" may find its way on the PS4 "after a year or so."

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