Tips And Tricks to Use Gmail Effectively

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With its minimal and simplistic user interface, consistent design, and huge storage, Gmail is ruling the roost.

Google has recently added many interesting features to Gmail from the time it was launched. Here are some of best Gmail features that can be used to fully maximize the Gmail experience:

One-Shot Unsubscribe Option

There are many unsolicited, promotional and marketing emails housed in our inbox that users never bother to read or respond to. To get rid of such emails for good, there is an effective and easy way in Gmail. Type "Unsubscribe" in the main search box of Gmail, and a list of email notifications will be listed. Users can "Select all' to remove the newsletters, discounts, and promotional emails from the inbox permanently.

Send And Archive Option

To have an uncluttered, clean inbox, "Send and Archive" option comes handy. Upon clicking this button after responding to an email, a particular email/conversation will be immediately moved from the inbox to a digital cabinet. Archiving is not deletion, but only a location change. The archived messages/conversations can be found in the "All Mail" tab on the left or even on the search bar.

Steps to enable the Send and Archive button:  Navigate to the gear icon (top right) -> Settings ->  Under the General tab -> Look for the Send and Archive subsection -> And select "Show Send and Archive" button in reply.    

Read And Search Gmail Offline Option

"Gmail Offline" is a Chrome extension that lets the user to read/view and search emails without connecting to Internet.

Navigate to the same gear icon (top right) -> Settings -> Click the "Offline" tab. If the Gmail Offline extension is not already installed, user may have to do that first by clicking on the "Install Gmail Offline." It takes some time for the extension to synchronize and download all the emails. But this extension will not amass extra space on the hard drive.

Add Emails to Tasks Window Option

To categorize the essential and prioritized mail from the rest, Gmail's "Tasks" option helps to a great extent. There could be some mails which are important but need not be responded immediately. In that case, the user can add those mails to a task Window and when the work is done, this particular mail can be retrieved from the task and can be responded without having to search the entire inbox. This particular option is very helpful, especially when there are way too many mails in the inbox.

Navigate to the Gmail dropdown menu (list) in the upper left corner -> Click on the "Tasks" option -> A mini task window will be opened in the right hand corner. To add an email to the "Tasks Window," select an email from the inbox, then click on the "More" dropdown menu on the top. Select "Add to Tasks" from the list. The user can see a list of emails in the Tasks Window to be responded at a convenient time.

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