Tiny Harris Hopes Her New Song Will Save Her Marriage with T.I. After Crude Allegations From Floyd Mayweather

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Floyd Mayweather at BET Awards
Floyd Mayweather and a guest arrive at the 2014 BET Awards in Los Angeles, California June 29, 2014. REUTERS

T.I. and Tiny Harris' marriage has been on the rocks for quite some time due to a claim made by Floyd Mayweather.

The 37-year old boxer claimed that he slept with T.I's wife, Tiny Harris but he also cleared his name afterwards. "I've never been with Tiny sexually," he clarified. "I respect her situation and I think she's a good person. I would never disrespect a marriage."

According to Tiny, Mayweather just tried to get back at her for refusing to acknowledge him on the BET Awards red carpet recently.

A couple of weeks after T.I. reportedly got into a fight with the American boxer in Las Vegas, he and Tiny Harris claimed that they are not going to get caught up in allegations of the undefeated boxer.

"I hope he is enjoying himself. God bless him," T.I. said when asked about Mayweather.

Last Thursday, TMZ reported that Tiny wants to forget the incident with Mayweather already. "But this week, we asked Tiny if the two would ever bury the hatchet - and judging from her answer, she's ready to stop the fighting and finally move on," the Web site says. Both Tiny and T.I. have each produced "love and diss songs" that is intended to one another as reported.

Tiny recently released a music video, which subliminally addressed her marriage with the rapper. She hopes that the new song will have a positive impact on their marriage.

According to Hollywood Life, the couple are trying to get rid of the emotions amid drama with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather.

Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather can now arrange and promote fights in Nevada all on his own. The Nevada Athletic Commission voted to grant Floyd Mayweather a promoter's license. The American boxer formerly worked with fight promoters like Top Rank by Bob Arum and Golden Boy Promotions with Oscar De La Hoya in previous years.

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