Tinder App: Finding The Right Mate With Built In Sex SatNav

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Are you single and looking for a way to find the best person to sleep with? Then it may interest you to check out and try the latest app with a sex satellite navigation feature or GPS: Tinder.

Tinder is similar to online dating but it comes with a sex satellite navigation or GPS for locating the right match for you. With the help of Facebook accounts, it can locate people within your close proximity and some bits and pieces about others' profiles. It will show the picture of the person and all you have to do is swipe the option 'Yes' if you are interested or 'No' if not.

The Tinder app only proves that with just a simple use of the thumb, some swiping skills and charm for message chatting, anyone can already sleep with the ideal person soon.

The company behind this new application has not revealed any numbers as basis for their success. However, last May, reports say that it had reached about 50 million matches.

The Psychology Behind The Tinder App

Some reviews made about the app say that Tinder is not about finding someone to love. It is merely about how many people would show interest in others and the number of response they will get. Hence, there are just some people who get the app and just swipe 'like' on almost every profile just to show others the most number of matches they have made.

Scientific studies show that when clicking likes on Facebook or retweeting Twitter renders a dopamine rush in a person, it boosts more happiness. It gives an automatic feeling of happiness when a person finds another fancying them. This leads eventually to being addicted to the act of swiping on gadgets.

Interesting Effect on Singles, Marital Problems With The Committed

The Tinder app is highly interesting especially for those single users who loves chatting and hooking up. But it can bring serious troubles and even tragic endings to those who are "in a relationship" status. Those who are already taken still try the app just to see if they can still be wanted and attractive to the singletons out there.

Any dating or sex app of today can prove to be one of the smartest ever created but it can still be vulnerable to being abused by liars and cheaters. But if you're just looking for some clean fun and nothing deeper than the physical looks, then Tinder app and its sex SatNav is worthwhile to try.

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