Tinder App Fans Warned After Male User is Suspected of Causing Kiwi Woman's Death

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A couple hold hands as they walk through downtown Sydney with their shopping from Australian department store retailer Myer, March 6, 2014.
A couple hold hands as they walk through downtown Sydney with their shopping from Australian department store retailer Myer, March 6, 2014. REUTERS/Jason Reed REUTERS/Jason Reed

The investigation regarding the New Zealand girl who fell to her death in Australia has begun.  According to authorities on the case, the last person to have seen Warriena Tagpuno Wright was Gable Tostee. But the 28-year-old man has denied any involvement in Wright's death.

Tostee has allegedly written a message on a bodybuilding online forum. He said he was "devastated" by the woman's fall from the balcony of his 14-storey high apartment building in Surfers Paradise.

An individual posted under the initials GT said that he has been "advised not to go into details" but declared he did not cause Wright's fall. Tostee had allegedly met Wright, 26, through the popular dating app Tinder.

Authorities investigating Wright's death had seized the CCTV footage from the Tostee's parents' home. Wright had fallen from the 14th floor of the Avalon apartments in Surfers Paradise on August 8.

Wright's sister, Reza Tagpuno, told media that her family will not be talking about the incident to anyone and directed questions to the Queensland police. Reports said the police went to the home of Tostee's parents in Carrara and confiscated footage from their CCTV cameras located near the main entrance.

The footage will be used to determine the whereabouts of Tostee before and after Wright fell to her death. Gold Coast CIB regional crime coordinator Detective Superintendent David Hutchinson said a press conference will be held to reveal more details about the incident.

Hutchinson declined to confirm the source of CCTV footage but police were told to find other footage relevant to the case.

In a report by Gold Coast Bulletin, Tostee was not a stranger to police since he was caught masterminding a fake ID racket worth NZ$32,881 in 2004. He and his friends reportedly manufactured 500 fake IDs that can be used to show bearers were of "legal" age.  Tostee and his accomplices sold each fake ID before police discovered them. Tostee was never convicted but was on record for probation.  

On the night of Wright's death, neighbours reported hearing "several screams" and what they thought was an argument. A woman who saw Wright fall had called the authorities.

Police have questioned Tostee but he was soon released without charges filed against him. He is now staying with his family. However, the detective said they will speak to Tostee again regarding the incident.

Meanwhile, Netsafe chief technology officer Sean Lyons warned about the Tinder app being "more dangerous than other dating apps" since it requires users to make immediate connections. He said some people may not be able to think clearly and rush into hooking up with possible "matches." 

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