Timothy Bradley on Manny Pacquiao: ‘This is My Opportunity to Beat Him Convincingly’

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Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley will face each other for the second time in the boxing ring after their controversial fight in 2012, and the American boxer thinks that he will be able to beat Pacquiao for the second time. Bradley's thirst to prove that he can beat Pacquiao has just gotten even more intense than ever.

"I'm ready to get this fight camp started, but most of all, I'm ready for redemption," Bradley told The Times.

In the minds of many boxing fans all over the world, Pacquiao was robbed of the welterweight title when the decision favoured Bradley during their first meeting on June 9, 2012. He put an end to Pacquiao's 15-fight winning streak

Speaking to Fight Hype, Bradley said that rematch will open the eyes of the boxing fans. He couldn't care less what haters keep saying to him because he is optimistic that he will win again. "At the end of the day, my hand will be raised and I will be victorious," said Bradley. "Once again, I will be victorious, man, and I'm gonna beat Pacquiao," he added.

Bradley has reportedly extended his contract with Top Rank, which was due to expire this summer.  According to Bob Arum, there was no doubt that Bradley would extend his contract with Top Rank. The only thing that they had to discuss was the terms of the contract extension as well as other provisions such as whether he wins over Pacquiao or not. Altogether, Bradley seemed content and happy with the contract extension.

"Man, everything is good," said Bradley. The undefeated two-division world champion stated that he agreed for contract extension verbally. "I just want to thank Top Rank, man, for basically everything that they done, thank Top Rank and definitely, HBO," he said. Bradley went on and said that Top Rank gave him everything he asked for. "I'm happy with the terms and satisfied with it," he said. Bradley joined Top Rank in November 2011. He made his debut as an undercard during the Pacquiao-Marquez III.

Bradley will be making a $6 million guaranteed purse for his rematch with Pacquiao. The Filipino boxer, on the other hand, is going to take home a $20 million guaranteed purse for the fight. Bradley thinks that the time is perfect for him and Pacquiao to square off for the second time.

"I can basically redeem for the first fight what I didn't get," said Bradley. "In this fight, I can get all the credit for beating Pacquiao this time," he added. Bradley said that it was hard for him to enjoy his victory over Pacquiao after their first fight in 2012 because many people believed that he didn't deserve the win. "That's hard for me and I don't think I can move on forward in my career without fighting this guy again and putting no doubts in people's mind and actually beating him convincingly, man," he said. "This is my opportunity to do that and I'm gonna do it," said Bradley.

Will Bradley win the right way over Pacquiao instead of judge's slip-up this time around? What do you think? Bradley is 30 years old and his current record is 31 wins and 0 loss, 12 of which were won by KOs. As for Pacquiao, he just celebrated his 35th birthday on December, and he has 55 wins, 5 losses, 2 draws, with 38 wins by KO. Who will be victorious in the Pacquiao-Bradley rematch?


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