TIME Magazine: 5 Best iPhone Apps

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App developers across the globe have created oodles of apps daily. Some of them stand out from the rest and they can even make a huge impact in our everyday lives. 

Time magazine has come up with a compilation of 50 best iPhone apps. Here is a list of five best apps from the list, which improve the quality of life by either saving time or being an integral utility app.

1Password App                                 

With a slew of password management apps available as free and paid downloads, there is one app that scores more than the rest. The 1Password app from Agile Bits for iPhones is the most comprehensive password management app in the market. This app allows users to save usernames and passwords in an encrypted password vault. It works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

But the iPhone version of 1Password app supports "locking on exit" functionality. This requests users to enter password to the vault after a set duration of time for extra security. Also, this app allows users to set pin codes to let users access the app quickly. This means the user need not to type down the lengthier master password. Instead he/she can remember the simple pin code to log in. Hence, it is an easy way to bypass the complicated master password. Interested readers can check out this app from iTunes.

Allrecipes App

There are many "food planner" apps available in iTunes. But Allrecipes app for iPhones takes app usability to a whole new level. This comes packed with a huge collection of user submitted recipes of all varieties and styles across the globe. The other striking aspect is its menu planner feature. This enables the user to allot recipes for a week with the much-required customization option. Also, users can add the ingredients required for the recipe in a shopping list. By doing this, Allrecipes app provides an inclusive list categorized by various sections and quantities. At the same time, this list synchronizes with the iPhone for users to write down notes against each listed item. This app is an all-in-all app for food planning. Interested readers can check out this app from iTunes.

Audible App

Digital audio book addiction is catching up across the globe. Audible app is ruling the roost in this arena. This app for iPhones has gone through many changes from the time it debuted in 2008. This app now allows users to download audio book purchases directly to iPhone. Users can read the audio book by chapter and bookmarks as required. Also, users can customize the recital speed. There is also an option to get a button-free user interface. This cool interface allows users to swipe in different directions to rewind the narration, place a bookmark, among others. Interested readers can check out this app from iTunes.

Any.DO App

Reminder and to-do list apps are available in abundance. But Any.DO app stands out from the rest by integrating the essential features together and showcases the same in a handy and uncluttered user interface. Users have the choice of typing down the tasks for the app to remember. Also, tasks can also be added by voice, i.e., by speaking to the app. Interested readers can check out this app from iTunes.

Baby Monitor HD App

The Web site Sunshine Apps' Baby Monitor HD app is a comprehensive video and audio baby monitoring system. As a basic requirement, this app should be connected to a video capturing system like Wi-Fi Baby camera. This allows the users to log in to the app via iPhone or iPad and monitor the baby as and when they want. Also, users can pair up to four devices at a time, if there are multiple kids to monitor. Interested readers can get this app from iTunes. Also, readers can check out the user-reviews pertaining to this app by clicking here.

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