Tim Tebow Stars in the Best Super Bowl 2014 Commercial

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Tim Tebow may have been unsuccessful in landing a contract with any of the teams in the National Football League, but that doesn't mean that Tebow will just sit around and mope about it. 

The former National Football League (NFL) quarterback stars in a new Super Bowl 2014 commercial for T-Mobile. This is, by far, probably the best Super Bowl 2014 commercial that you will ever see. Tebow proves that he can do so much things without a contract, just like the message that the mobile carrier is trying to convey.

Tebow starts out by saying how he was able to accomplish so many things outside the NFL. "Everyone thinks I want a contract, but without one, I've done so much this year," he said.

Then the quarterback-turned-college football analyst shows off his many talents such as helping a woman give birth, catching Bigfoot, working as a stand-up comedian, playing as a chess champion, riding a bull, being a stuntman, saving puppies, singing like a rock star, speaking as a peace ambassador, and even practicing his football skills on the moon. It's pretty funny.

Watch the commercial below and see it for yourself.

Video courtesy: YouTube/TMobile

Do you think Tebow should just forget about the NFL? He looks like he has a future in Hollywood.

You really got to love this guy, and the fact that he can really laugh at himself. People have to give props and appreciate Tebow's self-deprecating humour. Kudos to Tim! He was certainly able to pull it off in the said commercial. T-Mobile did an excellent and brilliant campaign. People watching it can easily get caught up with Tebow charm on the screen and totally forget about the entire message that the ad was trying to deliver.

Which part of the commercial did you like? Let us know your thoughts.

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