Tim Tam Flies High in its 50-year Celebration

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Tim Tam, the pride biscuit of Australia, is celebrating its 50 fruitful years of bringing smiles not just to the Australians but also to people worldwide.

"The humble Tim Tam inspires love beyond reason in Australians and has done for 50 years now. What has elevated it to icon status is difficult to articulate, but we know that in the hearts of Aussies it's more than just a chocolate biscuit," Susanna Polycarpou, the marketing director of Arnott's Choc/Sweet described the biscuit.

She said that the indulgence to the biscuit was not just because of its delicious taste, but it was also because people create bond when they open and share packs of Tim Tam.

"It's definitely the unique and irresistible Tim Tam layers that set us apart. We think it's also about the connections made when you open a pack and share with friends or family."

For its 50-year celebration, Arnott's partnered with QantasLink aircraft to fly with a Tim Tam livery drawn in the aircraft's body. The aircraft will take people from different countries to the remote Queensland town of Winton.

Australians open and share 45 million packs of Tim Tam yearly, according to the Daily Telegraph.

And if people will put out Tim Tams in a row, it would be enough to go From Sydney to Ayers Rock and back.

How Tim Tam is Made

1.    For the cookie dough, Sugar, flour, colours and flavours are mixed in a large hopper for 20 minutes.

2.    The mixture is then blended with high velocity through the conveyor - Biscuits cut 1mm thick, 11 holes punched, baked for 90m through six gas-fired ovens, cooled by freezing air, biscuits flipped and filled with cream, bathed in a pool of chocolate, another dose of freezing air, choirs of robotic arms picking and filling.

Grant Turner, a mixer and member of the quality control at the factory of Tim Tam is proud of his job.

"I've gone from savoury to sweet and I would say it is a pretty good trade. It is a fantastic product. The texture of each part of the product is amazing. People are proud to work here, you only have to look at the long service here," said Mr Turner.

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