Tila Tequila Risque Video Shocks Her Fans?

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Tila Tequila is known to grab the attention of her fans. With the release of a raunchy tape, she has added one more feather in her "15-minute to fame" list. 

Vivid Entertainment has produced Tila's raunchy tap which has gone viral within a day of its release. However, what's surprising is that Tila's fan are shocked by her raunchy video while many of them have made mockery of her desperate deed.

Here are few of the Twitter banters to Tila Tequila's scandalous tape:

Funny TweetsTM @funnytvveet - Tila Tequila's Making a Boy-Girl Sex Tape?! http://pics-tvvitter.com/tila-tequila-s-making-a-sex-tape ...

David Portnoy @stoolpresidente - Great halftime show by Tila Tequila

Alex Jowski @alexjowski - Tila Tequila never wanted fame. All she wanted was a large animal corpse she could hollow out and fill with her eggs.

Musky LozengeTM @LostCatDog - "Why is everybody always talking about the stupid weather!?" - Tila Tequila's sex tape

TMZ @TMZ - Tila Tequila Sex Tape -- Even I Think It's Disgusting [Photo] http://tmz.me/1bHVB7m

King Power @CashTFE - @JustinAintSmart you gotta peep that new Tila Tequila sextape that dropped today

Sales Guy @stoolsalesguy - Excitement level remains high with Tila Tequila on deck

Dom Polsinelli @dpols5 - I miss Tila Tequila's Shot at Love. Better than Real World and Jersey Shore combined.

Dirty Dealz @dirtydealzlive - @EXXXOTICA nothing special. this girl has lost her appeal after all this time!

Charles Pratt @Mygun45 - Soooo do yall remember #TilaTequila ... Well I just watched her #Sextape and I must say, she looks... http://instagram.com/p/i2qixwqhQJ/

Allegedly, Tila is trying to walk in the footsteps of Kim Kardahsian and Paris Hilton. She is doing every thing possible to be in the eyes of media. But if the Twitter reactions are anything to go by that, Tila has clearly ridiculed herself by releasing an unceremonious adult video. We wonder what she was thinking while shooting for such a graphic and raw footage? Any thoughts on Tila's new eccentric action... Let us know.

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