From Tila Tequila To Paris Hilton: Women Who Rose To Fame With the Release Of Adult Video Tapes: Does This Really Work?

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No one ever knew Tila Tequila until she released her vivid sex tape Tuesday. The 32-year-old model an television personality is suddenly making headlines with a very raunchy videotape that leaves nothing to imagination as the former MTV reality star made out with an unknown man.

What is it with women and sex tapes? Is it the best means to achieve success and get rich and be famous real quick. Here is a list of celebrities who released their vivid sex tapes and got good exposure from it:

1. Pamela Anderson - The "Baywatch" beauty now looks so chic and classy in her new pixie cut. She was a blonde bombshell once and accidentally released her honeymoon video on Internet. The video featured her then husband Tomy Lee Jones and Pamela sued the Web site where the tape was released. Nevertheless, the actress got benefited by it and her popularity soared.

2. Paris Hilton - She had it all - wealth, money, beauty but no fame. This blonde beauty craved for fame but wanted it real fast. So she went on to release a sex tape with her then boyfriend Rick Salomon and titled it, "One Night in Paris." It was probably the most successful sex tape ever by anyone as Paris instantly got famous and even became a reality star, singer, model and fashion designer

3. Kim Kardashian - Who doesn't know about the famous Kardashian clan? American President Barack Obama mentioned them and famous singer Harry Styles is dating one of the girls. But no one knew Kim even existed until she released a sex tape with and her then-boyfriend Ray J in 2007. Kim reportedly earned millions after she struck a deal with the companies who bought the distribution rights of the 40-minute sex tape.

There are several other not so known people too who released their sex tapes  but could not achieve the desired fame and success. Will Tila Tequila achieve what she is looking for by the release of her adult video or will it just go unnoticed?

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