Tila Tequila: Disgusting Act Is Raw Than Kim Kardashian's Raunchy Tape?

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The MTV reality TV star Tila Tequila has released her raunchy tape titled, "Tila Tequila Backdoored and Squirting." Although the video has gone viral, there are many entertainment critics who feel that Tila has gone too far with this video.

According to popular Entertainment Web site TMZ, "Tila Tequila's adult video is disgusting and she is clearly starving for attention."

The video showed Tila doing stuff with an unknown male actor and what made this video more repellant were the graphic reactions of Tila.

What's more was the fact Tila's way to get 15-minute fame was raw and more brutal than Kim Kardashian's. Who would forget Kim and Ray J's adult home video but Baby North's mother at least knew where she had to draw the boundary.

In the case of Tila, it seemed she was trying too hard to get people's attention. Some of the fans of "A Shot At Love" expressed their shock through Twitter.

@VCBreland wrote: "I love how Tila Tequila puts out a sex tape hours after her 15 minutes of fame."

@JeffreeStcr wrote: "Tila Tequila has a new sex tape? I though she died."

@mikebrownv1 wrote: "The title of the new Tila Tequila sex tape sure does sound clean & wholesome..."

@H00DLovatic wrote: "That's the only thing that'll keep her career alive...if she has one."

This was not the first time that Tila has generated controversy. In her wake to get fame, last month, Tila posted a photo of herself wearing a Nazi uniform.

Supporting her Nazi photo, Tila wrote, "Hitler was a sweet and special kid." 

As reported by NY Daily News.com, "She even said just like Hilter she was rejected and mocked when she tried to convert to Judaism."

Tila even went ahead and said Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker was murdered and did not die in an accident.

With Tila Tequila, anything is possible. We don't know what next she has on her list. Till then let's wait and see. 

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