Thunderbirds Set New Records

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In a nail-biting match, Adelaide Thunderbirds ousted NSW Swifts by 50-49 in the ANZ Championship on Monday night. With this win, the Thunderbirds also set a new record for 16 consecutive win, since round 3 in 2013.

The Netball SA stadium was packed to see this action as the home side again rules with much fanfare.

With the lead of seven goals midway through the second term, the Thunderbirds made some crucial mistake handling the ball in front of the strong defence set by the Swifts. This led the visitors to turn back to the game, scoring 31-all at halftime.

As the match intensifies, the score stood at 49-all, just before two minutes to finish.

However, at the last minute, the final break came when Erin Bell of Thunderbirds scored the last goal, taking away the match from the visitors.

The coach of Thunderbirds, Jane Woodlands-Thompson, was ecstatic after the win and praised the goalkeeper Samantha Poolman for some crucial save and two rebounds.

Woodlands-Thompson later said, "I think Shimmo was getting pushed off the ball a little bit by Thwaites and we thought Poolan was a good change up for that."

"She was absolutely outstanding tonight, and when she came on we went five goals in front."

"She did exactly what we needed her to do and it was a very good physical match up."

"It's not something we focused on exclusively because that would've been a distraction, but it's a remarkable achievement by the players and staff that have represented our club over the past two seasons."

Swifts coach Rob Wright, who was disappointed with the loss, called the Thunderbirds as "masters of close wins." He further said, "Full credit to the Thunderbirds ... They were able to do it again tonight..."

"It was a brave effort, but like all coaches I'm disappointed to lose."

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