Threshold for Windows Phones and Tablets Might Launch in Early 2015

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Windows Phone
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Microsoft is reported to release a "technical preview" of Windows Threshold in either late September or early October. According to ZDNET's sources, Microsoft might create mandatory updates for those that will participate in the said "technical preview". This will allow the users to see new features but it will only be limited to desktops or PCs.

ZDNET suggests that a single merged version of the OS might be launched as part of the Threshold updates in early 2015 that could run on Windows Phones and tablets based on ARM processors. According to its sources, the preview might be made available in January or February of 2015. That means it might be released just a few months after the release of the technical preview of Threshold.

The users will only have the Metro interface like what can be seen on Windows Phones nowadays. Microsoft is expected to release the new OS with some of its features for Windows 9 or most call it Windows Threshold on a big event that will be held on September 30. The final product is expected to be released to the public by early 2015.

Threshold is expected to make a significant change on Windows OS together with its new features like the Metro 2.0 and the comeback of the traditional "start menu". Microsoft might create mandatory updates every month to deliver bug and security patches along with its new features rather than waiting for the next version of OS to be released. It might mean that Windows 10 should no longer be expected. Instead updates on Threshold should only be done.

WPCentral believes that Windows Phone 8.2 might actually be Windows Threshold and that Threshold is will not only be updated on Windows Phone alone but it will also be made available across other Microsoft devices Including Windows OS, Xbox One and Office.

Of course Microsoft can always have change of plans but coming from ZDNET's Mary Jo Foley, this information is likely to be true. WPCentral also believes that the said source is reliable and advises everyone to "take these unconfirmed reports with a degree of skepticism".

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