Three New Moto G Successors Spotted in FCC Document Dubbed Moto G2, Moto M and More --Reports

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Motorola hit a home run with its budget-friendly Moto G in 2013. Following the release, the company also introduced a 4G variant of Moto G in 2014. But now, the company is planning to release several successors to Moto G.

Based on the information from a Brazilian FCC document, Motorola will be releasing three new handsets with the following FCC numbers - XT1063, XT1068 and XT1069. Contrary to expectations, these devices are not to be confused with the much-awaited, high-end Moto X+1 (aka Moto X2). Precisely because the aforementioned devices do not support 4G and they are budget-friendly phones unlike the Moto X series, says Android Pit.

Seemingly, these devices are aimed at emerging markets which are being catered and ruled by the Moto G and the Moto E. The leaker/source of the FCC document told the Portuguese site TecnoBlog that all three handsets would be different variants of Moto G.

In specific, the XT1063 number pertains to single-SIM variant, while the XT1068 is a dual-SIM variant, and the last one XT1069 is a combination of dual-SIM and digital TV along with support for low energy Bluetooth.

Apparently, one of the leaked upcoming Moto G variant with number XT1068 is named as Moto G2, according to portal Mallandonoandroid. The reported "Moto G2" specifications include a full HD display with 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution along with 320 ppi pixel density and 8MP rear-facing camera unit. Also, the handset will be powered by a quad-core (Qualcomm Snapdragon 400) ARM V7 processor and Adreno 305 GPU.

In addition, TechnoBlog cited a brand new name "Moto M" for one of the devices. It turns out that these smartphones are targeted to erase the gap between the mid-range Moto G and the relatively high-end Moto X with optimized specifications and features.

It is worth reiterating that, Motorola took the user feedback of Moto G seriously and came up with the advanced version of Moto G by providing 4G network and microSD card support in Moto G 4G.

Nevertheless, there is no confirmation available right now to pin point if these devices are indeed Moto G's successors. The main attractions of Moto G have been the price and good specifications. The Moto G handset made waves not just on the emerging markets but across the globe. Owing to the success, Motorola was quick to capitalize the brand with the release of entry-level Moto E. By experimenting on the inexpensive variety of handsets, Motorola has mastered the winning strategy to make killer budget-friendly smartphones.

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