Thor Star Chris Hemsworth Tapped For Doc Savage --- Report

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Cast member Chris Hemsworth Poses at the Premiere of "Thor" at the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood
Cast member Chris Hemsworth poses at the premiere of "Thor" at the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood.

Chris Hemsworth has been tapped by "Iron Man 3" director Shane Black to play lead role in "Doc Savage," an adventure movie he's been producing.

In a report from hollywoodreporter, "Iron Man 3" writer-director Shane Black is reportedly producing a movie adaptation of the 1930's pulp hero for Sony's "Doc Savage." The report added that Black has already spoken with "Thor" star Chris Hemsworth for the title role.

However, at this point it's still unclear when filming would start since the movie is reportedly still dealing with monetary issues. Still, Sony considers "Doc Savage" as one of its priorities.

According to IGN, they suggested Chris Hemsworth for the Doc Savage role when Shane Black visited the IGN office for an interview last summer.

In the interview, Black referred to Doc Savage as the perfect hero and the basis for Superman, from the name (Doc Savage's real name is Clark Savage Jr.) to his fortress of solitude which Superman also has.

Black added the perfect guy to play Doc Savage has to be a fine actor, big and tall, a "perfect physical specimen that when people look at him they are over-awed by his symmetry and perfection." That's when IGN suggested Chris Hemsworth and Black replied with "that's not a bad idea."

Doc Savage's history came from the creative mind of author Lester Dent who described his creation as a mix of Sherlock Holmes, Tarzan, Craig Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln.

Doc Savage is Sherlock Holmes with his deductive skills, Tarzan with his outstanding physical abilities, Craig Kennedy with his scientific knowledge and Abraham Lincoln with his goodness. Clark Savage Jr. is basically a manifestation of "Christliness" according to Dent.

Doc Savage became this mixed of abilities since birth when his father assembled a team of scientists to deliberately train his mind and body to near-superhuman abilities. The training was aimed to give him strength and endurance, a photographic memory and a vast knowledge of the sciences. He was also trained to be a martial arts master.

Doc Savage is basically every awesome hero like James Bond, Indiana Jones and Batman rolled into one. His character, according to geektyrant, fits Chris Hemsworth who plays the god viking Thor in "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

Chris Hemsworth hasn't commented on the report, however, fans are already vying for him to take the lead role of Doc Savage.

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