'Thor 3' Release Date Yet To Be Announced: Loki Could Go in Search of His Origins

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Cast member Chris Hemsworth Poses at the Premiere of "Thor" at the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood
Cast member Chris Hemsworth poses at the premiere of "Thor" at the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood. REUTERS

No release date has been announced yet for "Thor 3."  However, there is lot of speculation in regards to the plot and cast of the film. There is a buzz  that Loki could go ahead to know about his roots and origins. His character was left in an ambiguous state in the last "Thor" offering. Speculations are rife that in the third movie, he would get bored of the throne and go in search of his origins, according to Enstarz report.

It is also being suggested that Balder the brave can also join the cast of third instalment of "Thor." In the comic book, Balder was Thor's half brother and his friend, according to the website. If Loki goes out to find who he is then he can end up meeting Balder. Balder is reportedly Odin's legitimate son and not Loki.

Meanwhile, it seems that fans have to wait for a while before the third part of the franchise would go in production.

"Well we'll see. It won't be until probably sometime next year before we announce the 2016 movies and the 2017 movies, and a lot of that will depend on the reception to the next batch of movies. What we're actively working on is Thor's next appearance in 'Age of Ultron.' Where he goes beyond that we have a lot of ideas. You're right that where we leave the characters in this movie sort of hints what could happen in the future, but we'll see where that goes after Avengers 2," said Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Fiege when asked about the possibilities of Thor 3 to Screen Rant.

Thor would be next seen as the part of ensemble cast in "Avengers: Age of Ultron."  It is being said that a lot of dynamics are going to change in regards to his character sketch in "Thor 3" based upon how the character progresses in "Avengers."

 The complete cast of "Thor 3" is yet to be annouced. The  film is reported to be written by  Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost. Meanwhile, "Avengers-2" is set to be released next year.

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