Things to Watch Out For at the Mobile World Congress 2014

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Mobile World Congress is once again ready to give the market the latest and advanced gadgets in the world of technology. The last event in 2013 showcased some trending and most talked news from campaigns, and now tech professionals are back to give consumers another taste of what's new in the tech scene. Many have already been given invites for press events and are eager to see the show.

The most awaited display will air in Barcelona, 6 hours away from the East Coast and 9 hours away from the West Coast, between 2 am and 1 pm ET each day, from Sunday, Feb 23 to Wednesday, Feb 26 for updates. The show will end on Feb 27.

The following are the things to take note of during the coming Mobile World Congress 2014:

Phones and Tablets

The first ever product of the collaboration between Foxconn and BlackBerry will be seen at the MWC 2014. News from DigitalTrends announces that the chairman of Foxconn said the company will reveal to the public the Foxconn Berries in Barcelona

The market will see three new products from LG at the MWC 2014. LG G Pro 2 phablet was first showed in Korea, but its official global debut will be at MWC 2014. We can also see the 4.7 inches G2 Mini and LGs new smartwatch, the "G Arch".

Meizu, a high-end Chinese phone manufacturer, is also going to launch their MX3 smartphone at the show. Reports said that Meizu want to take a step to U.S. market and Barcelona is the perfect place to start.

Nokia is also awaited in the show because it is going to plug its new Nokia X on Monday morning, which is the advanced version of the Asha feature phones. Nokia X will not be an Android at all rather; it will still run as Nokia and Microsoft services as usual. But it can run some of the Android apps of the Amazon Appstore. Trusted @evleaks says it'll have 4 inches, 800 x 480 screen and come in six colours.

Samsung is again moving its way up because it is having the "Unpacked 5" event on Monday night, which we can expect as the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S5. Report from ZDNet Korea says that Samsung will also publicise its new Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch and Galaxy Tab 4 line of tablets at the show. The Galaxy Gear and Tab 3 didn't really produce big. That's why Samsung made a way to make their product more affordable and more advanced.

Sony is also having its launch event on Monday morning where it is scheduled to unveil its new phone. The rumours are around the D6503, which looks like a refreshed version of the Sony Xperia Z1 with a 5.2 inches screen and 4K video recording. The company will have at least three or four new phones at the show. 

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