Things to Know About Tropfest Top Winning Australian Film, 'Bamboozled' [VIDEO]

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Australian short film, “Bamboozled” beat out big projects as it brought home the top major award at Tropfest held at Sydney’s Centennial Park, Sunday, Dec. 8, 2013.

Created by film maker and actor, Matt Hardie, the film garnered the highest accolade at the 22nd installment of the Tropfest short film festival.

Here are the top things to know about “Bamboozled,” a short, comedy film by Matt Hardie.

The Concept “Bamboozled” is a short, comedic film that “tells the story of a man duped into sharing a romance with another man,” described

The film’s official synopsis reads: “No matter what changes, love is forever.”

Hardie’s film looked into the subject embraced by the Tropfest this year, “with make-overs, sex changes and even NRL star David Williams morphing into a werewolf,” said the Sydney Morning Herald.

How Hardie Got the Film’s Plot Talking to the Australian Associated Press, Hardie recalled how the concept came to his mind, that gave birth to an award-winning picture.

"I was going for a walk, I knew I wanted to make a Tropfest film and sex change popped into my head."

Hardie, said the Guardian defended the film, describing it as “critique of homophobia.” The news Web site noted that the “Bamboozled,” has been “criticized by commentators claiming it uses homosexuality as a punchline.”

Despite all the backlash received by the film, it came out strong at Australia’s short film festival, coming out as top winner in Sunday’s Tropfest.

"The punchline really is a comment on media and how the world may have homophobia, but the lead character, and what I was saying, he was completely willing to go with either gender, he was in love with the person," said Hardie to ABC News Australia in a separate report.

 The Film Production The production of the comedy short noted, Hardie was as quick as when the idea came to him while taking a walk.

"I thought this one wasn't going to do as well to be quite honest," quoted Hardie to the AAP by

"We did it so quickly. We thought it was good but I really didn't think it was going to go all the way."

"It shows that if you take your dacks off you will achieve success," said Hardie, to The Daily Telegraph, added

The Winnings With the right vision and putting all the elements together, Hardie was able to pull off an award-winning project.

"I feel ecstatic. I'm losing my mind,” said Hardie, according to the Sydney Morning Herald as he reacted to the announcement that Bamboozled won over 16 finalists included in the list.

His project impressed the judges who gave “Bamboozled,” the nod including Robert Luketic, and a panel of judges including Kriv Stenders (Red Dog), Nash Edgerton, Bruna Papandrea (Milk), Susie Porter and Adam Elliot.

Hardie’s wins meant $10,000 in cash prizes, a brand new Toyota car, a trip to LA, and a a Nikon DSLR and lenses. Hardie also won the Best Male Actor award he shares with his co-star Aaron Tsindos, noted

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