Thief Took a Nap in Victim’s Flat, Stole Mobile Phone & Ran Away

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This is a story of an immensely tired burglar who had to take a nap on the sofa of the victim before stealing his mobile phone.

Manchester police have started looking for the burglar who took a nap in the victim's house, stole his mobile phone and ran away. The suspect apparently entered into the flat through a door which was locked. Then, he fell asleep in the living room of the flat situated at the south of Manchester city centre - according to Manchester Evening News.

The Independent reported that one of the people living in the flat watched television for a couple of hours sitting beside the suspect. He presumed that the sleeping person was a friend of the man he lives with in the flat. His flatmate was taking a bath when he suspected something was wrong when the front door was closed. The flatmates did not have any idea who the suspect could be. On the other hand, they were quick to check if everything was alright in their flat. It was then discovered that a mobile phone which was there in the living room was missing.

The description provided of the suspect states that he is a white man in his 20s. He is about 5 feet, 10 inches tall. His hair is short and dark coloured. When he was seen by one of the flatmates, he wore dark jeans and a black coloured sweater.

According to a spokesman of the Greater Manchester Police, it was yet to be known how the suspect entered into the flat to be found sleeping there. It is yet to be finalised whether he was truly an intruder or someone who came there by mistake. Nevertheless, there is no confusion about the fact the mobile phone of the victim was indeed stolen. Police are now looking for the suspect so that he can be interrogated regarding the incident, he said.

Anyone who may have any information may anonymously call 101 (Police) or 0800 555 111 (Crimestoppers).

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