Thai Elephant Snatches, Gobbles Chinese Tourist’s iPhone

By @ibtimesau on

An elephant in an unidentified elephant camp in Thailand apparently swallowed a Chinese tourist's iPhone over the weekend.

The 1 minute, 49 second video showed to young Chinese tourists with one feeding the elephant bananas and a second one filming the feeding frenzy on her iPhone. After gobbling a banana, the elephant approached the second girl and took her mobile phone.

The two girls sought the help of a park attendant to recover the iPhone. To track the device, the girl who feed the animal bananas took her mobile phone from her bag and rang her friend's number. The ringing sound led to the recovery of the iPhone on the elephant's dung.

There are, however, doubts that the whole incident was staged because a third person was apparently videoing the entire incident another mobile device and the event was posted in video sharing sites.

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