Teyana Taylor's Virginty Taken by Brandon Jennings, NBA Star Engaged to her : The Singer Claims

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Teyana Taylor has gone on to claim that NBA player Brandon Jennings took away her virginity.  In an interview on Wednesday with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, Taylor discussed the intimate details about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Brandon. She even admitted that Jennings was the first man she slept with.

When asked whether she was ditched by Jennings she said, "No, no, no that's not how that went. On Twitter he said he's been single for three years. Only Brandon and I know the personal things we had going on in our relationships. So it's like 'if you want to downplay what we have to build a platform for your current relationship, that's your business.' The world knows, I know, Brandon knows, that we were engaged and that was very public," reported Latin Post

Taylor further confessed that she does not regret her relationship with Jennings as she made sure she was engaged to him before anything intimate happened between them.

However, Brandon recently mentioned on his Twitter account that his only real relationship is with Heckard.

BRANDON JENNINGS @BrandonJennings wrote, "Let me clear the Air I've been Single since I was 21yrs old. This is my first public "Real" relationship."

This statement of Jenning has apparently hurt Taylor. In this reference she said, "Brandon doesn't shock me anymore. My issue is not with Brandon; I'm not even upset because I know him. My issue is with Tae, that was my friend."

Taylor further suggested that right now she is not ready for a second relationship and when she will be in right state of mind she will get into one.

The conversation then shifted to Taylor's friendship with Rihanna.

"There's levels to this grown woman s-," said Taylor regarding her friendship with Rihanna, which has apparently gone kaput, "Me and Rihanna used to be cool. But some things just don't work, " reported The Boombox

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