Texas Family Catches 'Chupacabra'—Is it Real?

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A Texas family raised a few eyebrows recently when they claimed to have captured a "Chupacabra." Many people are quick to dismiss it while others believe it to be the legendary creature that people have been hunting for a long time.

According to legend, a Chupacabra is an animal with habits like a vampire. The animal is supposed to suck blood of livestock such as goats and chicken. Many people have gone looking for the elusive creature in the past and failed.

The Texas family in Dewitt County reportedly found the creature eating corn on their property. The dark and hairless creature looks more like a large dog and is believed to be a baby Chupacabra. It is currently being fed corn and cat food.

The pictures and video of the animal have gone viral with many people taking a keen interest in the animal. Many believe that the legendary creature has finally been captured while others still remain skeptical.

One of the reasons why people may call the captured creature as the Chupacabra is its dark complexion and hairless skin, which some people find scary. However, an animal expert, biologist Brent Ortego of Texas Parks and Wildlife, believe that the creature was likely a dog, fox or coyote and may be suffering from a bad case of mange.

Another reason people are calling the creature the Chupacabra is they don't know what else to call it. Just like other legendary creatures, claims of spotting the animal are routine with both the believers and skeptics debating over it.

Perhaps the best way to determine what species the captured animal belongs to would be a DNA test. In the past, many of the animals that were believed to be the Chupacabra turned out to be coyotes or dogs with mange, reports NY Daily News.

The debate is raging on social media like Twitter. The identity of the captured creature, which some believe to be a hairless raccoon because of its paws, is still not certain. But people are interested to know what the creature is, even those who don't believe it to be the Chupacabra.

Has the Chupacabra finally been captured? Or will this find turn out to be another disappointment for people who strongly believe in the existence of the creature? The hunt for the mythical creature, however, continues.

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