Texans’ Andre Johnson Continues Annual Holiday Toy Giveaway, Spends $17K

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Houston Texans’ Andre Johnson is known for his receiving prowess in the NFL. He’s also known for gift giving around this time of year by celebrating with underprivileged children in his annual toy giveaway during the holidays.

This year’s recipients were 12 kids and their siblings from Child Protective Services. This is the seventh consecutive year that the NFL All-Pro player has done the generous act.

The little twist of fun was that the kids had a total of exactly 80 seconds to haul in whichever toy they can get in the event which was held at a Toys “R” Us store. The total bill for Johnson $17,352 a little

“It’s fun for the kids and it’s fun for me. It’s something I enjoy seeing every year, so I figure why not keep doing it?” said Johnson about the event.

“They didn't out do the kids from last year but they came close. It was awesome. #ajshoppingspree” posted in his Instagram account.

Houston is currently out of the playoff race this year but the kids’ race for toys—and simple happiness— is one he’ll surely enjoy this holiday season.

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