Tesco Sausage Found with Human Tooth


Tesco has been a brand that shoppers associate with fine ranges and premium products. So it was to the surprise of shopper Tony Hinds when he found a human tooth-complete with filling-in his latest Tesco buy.

According to Daily Mail, Hinds's fiancée was preparing the Tesco Finest British Pork & Chive sausages when she saw a human tooth stuck to the meat.

"She thought it might be a bit of hard skin or gristle. It's only when she picked it up she realized what it was," said Hinds to Daily Mail. The tooth was said to still contain the filling.

As if the damage was not enough, the store first insisted that the tooth was a piece of bone, gave the couple a total of £25 worth of vouchers as compensation, and later on insisted that sausages did not have the tooth when delivered for the store.

"It's not about compensation. I want some reasonable acknowledgement of what it was," said Hinds to Digital Spy.

A Tesco spokesman said to The Sun, "All products undergo robust testing during the manufacturing process including metal detection. The object in question is part metal and, during supplier tests, it was easily picked up by the metal detector. It would therefore not have been able to leave the site undetected. We have been in touch with our customer to update him on our findings and we have returned the object to him at his request."

This isn't the first time wherein Tesco's name had been involved in a human tooth finding incident.

In November 2011, David Casey from UK found a human tooth in his Tesco Finest Devonshire Style Fudge Yoghurt. Worse, he unwittingly bit down on the tooth, thinking that it was a piece of fudge, reports Courier Mail.

"I could have someone's scabby tooth in my stomach right now and that would not have been nice," Casey said to Courier Mail.

Things could have turned ugly because, according to Metro, Casey was undergoing chemotherapy for a stomach tumor, and swallowing the tooth may have potential consequences that could have taken turn for the worse.

But in the same way that Hinds was treated, Metro reports that Casey was sent a £15, which he reportedly sent back twice, labeling them as an insult.

This is just a blow following the incident where Tesco burgers were found to contain 21% horsemeat. The Guardian reports that this almost took £300 million off of Tesco's market value.

Does Tesco's future still look its finest? Or is the company experiencing a downward spiral that could turn very bad very fast?

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