'Terminator 5' News: New Title Like 'Terminator 2,' Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to Replace Arnold Schwarzenegger?

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In a recent interview, "Terminator" star Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that "Terminator 5: Genesis" is very similar to the script of "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." According to Collider, the former California governor will reprise his role as the deadly cyborg in the fifth installment of the sci-fi series. He has reportedly read the script and suggests that fans can expect the upcoming film to be along the lines of "Terminator 2."

"Terminator will have the exact same feel. The way the script reads, it has the same feel as Terminator 2," Schwarzenegger said. "It is big. There is hardcore action and it has some really great visual effects in there, but not over the top." He was also clear about refraining from visual effects overuse and said the movie will not have the kind of treatment the viewers experience with Thor, given that the director of Thor, Alan Taylor, is also at the helm of Terminator 5.

Schwarzenegger also suggested that the title "Terminator 5: Genesis" is still not 100% sure. "I do not know what the final title will be.  As you can see with 'Sabotage,' when I read the script, it was entitled "Ten."  You never know," the actor said. "Today, studios switch titles because everything has been tested.  They will give an audience five titles, and then they will pick one."

However, KdramaStars reports to the contrary, claiming that Dwayne Johnson also known as "The Rock" might replace Arnold Schwazenegger as the mean machine who will terminate the lives of John Connor and his mom, Sarah. It reports that script writers Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis are switching the storyline, confirming the iconic cyborg in the picture but one that is completely different from the old one and Johnson is being considered for the role.

"Incredibly, Arnold Schwarzenegger might not play the role of the machine in the upcoming film but a potentially heroic human figure in or close to the Connor family. One theory is Schwarzenegger's remarkable ability to protect the Connor family in the 40's or 50's with antiquated weapons by today's standards ultimately inspired the machines to develop a terminator in his likeliness that was soon sent to 1984 when Sarah Connor was first targeted for termination," the insider reveals.

Terminator 5 is set to hit theaters in July 2015.

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