Teresa and Joe Giudice Trial: Nancy Grace to 'RHONJ' Stars 'You're Going Down'

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"Real Housewives of New Jersey" fans were quite worried that they will not get to see Teresa Guidice's widely anticipated fraud trial unfold but Any Cohen just confirmed that her legal troubles will be "very much part of the show for Season 6." The filming will finish before Guidice's trial in April but Cohen assures the fans that there will be a lot of drama not only in Teresa's life but also in the daily lives of the New Jersey housewives, including disputes between veteran stars and new women joining the show, twins Teresa and Nicole Napolitano and Amber Marchese.

Many believe that Joe and Teresa Guidice are going to jail and that includes legal commentator Nancy Grace. The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star and her husband are currently facing 41 counts of wire, mail and bank fraud. Both spouses hope to move forward without serving but the outspoken commentator still believes they will be the first cast members of the Real Housewives franchise to be put in prison.

"I believe they were in it together. You can get away with shoplifting or maybe stealing a car but do not mess with the feds when it comes to money. Never mess with a tax man. Never mess with the feds, alright? They do have mercy," Grace said in a recent episode of the HLN show. "I predict they are going down. As much as Martha Stewart was used I think they will also be used as an example to the people." Martha Stewart was sentenced to jail for five months for fraud charges, securities and obstruction of justice in 2004 but it is nothing compared to the Guidice's possible sentence to 30 years.

Meanwhile, new cast member Amber Marchese will also do everything to add to Teresa Guidice's drama but her plan backfired when Melissa Gorga supported Teresa. Amber has reportedly fought with every cast member that even her husband was already getting in on it. Amber went after Gorge first because she knows going after the two housewives will give her the most air time.

New cast members twin sisters Teresa and Nicole Napolitano are also said to be having a hard time with the other Jersey housewives. It's reported that the new women just cannot stand the veteran ladies. "These new girls are not working out," a source said. "The twins are over and ready to quit. I do not see them lasting longer than this current season."

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