Ten Strange Images Caught on Google Earth


For the past week now, media and conspiracy theorists have been going wild over the mysterious structures and patterns found in China's Gobi Desert seen through Google Earth. Wild theories have been going around the Internet that they're street maps of Washington D.C, to Chinese weapons testing sites to the obligatory alien spaceship explanation.

A new theory from Jonathon Hill, a research technician at the Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University has proposed that the strange lines are used to calibrate China's spy satellites. Of course even though that theory explains some of the images it doesn't account for all of them. The LA Times asked Brian Weeden, who works for the nonprofit organization Secure World Foundation and said that some the images are far too weird to be properly explained as calibrating lines.

"It seems plausible that at least some of them would be targets - especially the one that looks like a big bull's eye," he said. "But some of them look pretty crazy."

What all this hoopla over the Chinese images proves that the world is a pretty mysterious place after all. Google Earth has given people a new vantage point that was only previously available to government officials and astronauts. Aside from the Gobi Desert images, Google Earth has revealed some strange images. Here are ten weird and wonderful images caught on Google Earth.

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