Ten Interesting Facts About 'The Voice' Season 6 Winner from Team Usher - Josh Kaufman [VIDEO]

  on May 21 2014 8:24 PM

Josh Kaufman just won the season six of NBC's singing reality show "The Voice" and the Internet is still rejoicing in it. The Florida-born singer hails as a member of Usher's team but was previously on Adam Levine's team. By winning the prestigious title, Josh defeated equally talented finalists Jake Worthington and Christina Grimmie. Let's find out some interesting facts about Josh Kaufman's life.

1. Josh has had a musical bent of mind since very early years of life. When he was just four years old, Josh was playing the piano in church.

2. He has unsuccessfully tried his luck with American reality show "The X-Factor" but could not get through it.

3. At 16 years of age, Josh participated in a reality series "Star Search." He won in first two episodes but lost the third one.

4. "It was a good experience. I think the biggest difference between then and now is I have new perspective on it," Josh reveals about his "Star Search" participation to music.yahoo.com.

5. Josh regrets losing the reality series then and credits himself fully for it. "I think I felt at 16, I was like, 'Oh, I'm 16, other opportunities will come along.' I didn't really grasp a hold of it the way I probably should have. I didn't understand how big it was. Now, I do," Kaufman revealed to the Web site.

6. Josh is now 38-years-old is married to Jennifer Myer and they have three children. They live in Indianapolis, Indiana.

7. Prior to participating in "The Voice" Josh Kaufman tutored for SAT prep and sang with his band The New Etiquette, which was formerly known as Josh Kaufman and the Frequency.

8. Josh has three children.

9. "I can't even talk...I'm overwhelmed, surprised and happy...It's been so much more than I ever imagined," Josh's first reaction after winning "The Voice" finale, according to Daily Mail.

10. "Wow. Can't believe this is it. Gonna be a great night! Hope you'll be watching. #VoiceTop3," Josh tweeted before the grand finale. And after the show he thanked his fans and supporters who voted for him and made it happen.

"That's it everybody. Thanks so much to all of you who voted & bought songs. I appreciate you all so much. I wouldn't be here without you," Josh tweeted.

Watch his winning performances below.

Source: Youtube.com/The Voice

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