Ten Facts About Teenage Singer Austin Mahone : Selena Gomez's New Rumoured Boyfriend

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Selena Gomez is reportedly dating teenage sensation Austin Mahone, various media reports suggest. The two were reportedly set up by none other than "Red" singer Taylor Swift, the media says. Selena and Austin were seen leaving together a Beats Music concert on January 24 in the same vehicle after which they both were linked. Fresh from her nasty break-up with Justin Bieber, Selena is now single and hence ready to get linked to anyone. No one knows how much truth is there in the rumors. But who is Austin Mahone? Let's find out some fun facts about the new guy in the Texan beauty's life.

1. Austin is just 17-years-old and has already hit fame after he was chosen to perform on Taylor Swift's "Red" tour.

2. Austin Mahone is touted as the next Justin Bieber and has a huge girl fan following just like the Canadian crooner.

3. The Wall Street Journal also named Mahone as a "leading contender to be the next Bieber" in 2013.

4. Miley Cyrus' little sister Noah Cyrus is reportedly a big fan of Austin. Miley tweeted a picture of Austin and tagged her sister some time back.

5. According to Mahomies.net, his dad reportedly committed suicide when Austin was 2.

6. For all his girl fans, Austin is still a virgin (last confirmed by Mahomies.net on May 2013) as he would like to wait for the right girl.

7. Austin was first noticed online when he posted a cover of his contemporary Justin Bieber's song "Mistletoe" on YouTube, which has over 13 million views.

8. Austin's mother has reportedly quit her career as a loan officer in 2012 to manage his career as a singer.

9. Austin was also featured on "America's Funniest Home Videos" as a toddler.

10. Just as Justin Bieber's fans are called "Beliebers" there is a term used for Austin Mahone's fans and they are called "Mahomies."

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According to latest news by MTV, Austin has actually denied that he and Selena Gomez are dating. "It's not true. I'm not dating Selena Gomez," says the "Banga Banga" singer to MTV news.

"We are always talking about music. She showed me some of her songs that she's got coming up, so we're cool," added Mahone. So that leaves Selena Gomez single again!

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