Telstra Picks Up Own Nexus 4 in LG Optimus G: Sets Australian Launch Date on March 13

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Telstra is launching the LG Optimus G on March 13 in Sydney, giving Aussies the chance to have a different taste of the popular but hard to get Nexus 4.

According to, more details of the Optimus G Australian debut will be known during the LG-Telstra event. Pricing and plan packages are expected to be unveiled by the giant telco.

The most awaited information, of course, is the retail price of the Optimus G. With the expected subsidies to be dangled by Telstra, it is likely that the flagship LG smartphone will be offered at attractive price points.

The possibility is strong that the Optimus G pricing in Australia will compete strongly with the Nexus 4's starting price, which Google pegged at $US299 for the 8GB model.

It is possible too that Telstra would trigger tsunami reaction for the Optimus G by pushing the handset to subscribers at below the $100 mark in exchange for a 2-year contract.

All these speculations, AusDroid said, will be given clarifications next month.

Save for its LTE radio signal and 13MP rear-camera shooter, the Optimus G is essentially the Nexus 4, both manufactured by LG, with the following specs: Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor with 1.5GHz quad-core, Adreno 320 GPU, 4.7-inch WXGA True HD IPS+, 32GB on-board storage, 2GB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, NFC and 2100mAh battery.

Nexus 4 has become a global hit due to its powerful specs and affordable price and with the Optimus G picked up by a major Australian telecom, the LG device is likely to pick up steam down under given Telstra is willing to pull down its sticker price.

The Optimus G has been attracting positive feedbacks and in a recent review by, the handset was dubbed as a dependable gadget companion because "it works at home, it works on the road, in the office and has enough oomph."

"Pairing Android with the LG Optimus G is a natural fit as the phone inspires confidence ... Android has come a long way over the years and deserves more respect than it gets in the market," the same review added.

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