Teenager Gets 4 Months Jail After Cheating on Girlfriend With Her Dog

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Wayne Bryson cheated on his girlfriend Amber Hickling, which is not so rare, you may argue. However, what made Ms Hickling utterly shocked was the fact that her boyfriend cheated on her with her dog.

The 18-year-old young girl accidentally discovered a video which had Mr Bryson having penetrative sex with her pet dog Rudi. Ms Hickling had to go through psychological counselling to recover from the shock of watching the 30-second clip which was recorded by her boyfriend himself. She shook and cried as she could not believe it, she claimed.

Ms Hickling discovered the video clip on Mr Bryson's mobile phone. She was looking for some photographs but she stumbles upon the shocking footage of her Staffordshire bull terrier getting sexually abused by her boyfriend. Now, she does not have the courage to look Rudi "in the eye". Therefore, Rudi had to be rehomed. Ms Hickling told Lincolnshire Echo that she would never be able to get over her boyfriend cheating on her with her dog. She said that she felt "dirty" that Mr Bryson touched her even after performing such an act with her dog.

Mr Bryson, on the other hand, received a suspended jail sentence at Skegness Magistrates' Court on Thursday March 6. He, a resident of Louth (Lincolnshire), admitted that he had breached the Sexual Offences Act when he performed "sexual penetration" on the dog. The act took place on January 17, 2014.

Ms Hickling spoke after Mr Bryson was sentenced. She said that she should have worried about her pets instead of "worrying about other women". She was reportedly upset after the sentence as she believed that he should have received a "much harsher sentence". You can never figure out what a person is capable of doing no matter how well you know that person, she said.

Mr Bryson received a 4-month jail sentence with two years of suspension. He is banned from owning any animal for the next two years.

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