Teenager Arrested After Posting on Facebook about His Drunk-Driving Stunt [PHOTOS]


Police immediately apprehended Jacob Cox-Brown in Astoria, Oregon when one of his friends reported the drunk-driving stunt posted on his Facebook status. The 18-year-old American teenager allegedly smashed and damaged two cars on New Year's Day.

"Drivin drunk...classic ;) but to whoever's vehicle I hit I am sorry. :P," Jacob Cox-Brown posted on his Facebook status update.

According to The Daily Astorian report, police responded to a hit-and-run car crash incident at 1 a.m. on 1884 Fifth St. A white-colored Scion has been found sideswiped where visible damage was left on the vehicle.

Afterwards, a police officer received a personal Facebook message from an unidentified person reporting about Jacob Cox-Brown's status on Facebook. The police department was further convinced to take a look into the case when another friend of Cox-Brown also reported the incident.

Police searched the Cox-Brown's residence and discovered a vehicle that perfectly matched the damages on the two cars during the early morning crash. Jacob Cox-Brown was then apprehended and charged with "two counts of failing to perform the duties of a driver" at the Clatsop County Jail.

However, the police spokesperson claimed that the evidence collected was not enough to attest that Jacob Cox-Brown was intoxicated. Also adding twist to the story, Jacob Cox-Brown revealed in an interview with a local television station that he crashed the cars due to icy road conditions.

"The people who called me out, they're obviously not my friends. True friends, like I said, they know me. They know I'm a sarcastic s***. They laughed about it. I've posted s*** like that on there and it's never blown up like this," the teenager stated.

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