Teenage Star Taylor Caniff Calls Gays Disgusting in Old Controversial Viral Video: Gets Support from Twitter [SEE VIDEO]

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First it was Justin Bieber, now it is Vine star Taylor Caniff. An old controversial video has surfaced of the teenager where he has spoken not so good words about gays. Caniff, who claimed to be a homophobic - a person who is against the gays and lesbian community, calls gays as "disgusting" in the video thus sparking outrage.

"I'm just like Christian Beadles, I don't have anything against gay people. But how they make love is f*cked up! Especially guy on guy is disgusting," the 15-year-old said in the video, which can be seen below.

The gay-bashing does not end here and Caniff goes on to say that he is not against lesbians though. "Girl on girl I can understand. And, you know, I don't have anything against you guys. It's just disgusting," Caniff added.

However, Taylor is taking things lightly and has revealed that he made this video two years ago and people should not take it seriously. "Haha funny seeing people upset about a video I made 2 years ago... Everyone's aloud an opinion...," Taylor wrote on his Twitter page.

The teenager has not issued a formal apology like Justin Bieber did when his N-word controversial video was released but says that he is not homophobic at all.

"It's funny because my real supports would know I'm not a homophobe.. Because the way me and Dillon act on younow," the teenager wrote on his Twitter timeline.

However strange it may sound, Taylor Caniff has received immense support on Twitter from his fans with some of them making the hashtag #WeLoveTaylorCaniff trend on Twitter.

"Everyone says ignorant things when they're young, dumb, and have Internet access. Learn from it. Apologize. Grow. I've done it. So can you," writes Tyler Oakley, a supporter of Taylor Caniff on Twitter.

"@taylorcaniff The way you act in livestreams doesn't prove that you're not homophobic, it proves that you think being gay is a punchline," Oakley added.

Keith Hearn, another supporter of Caniff posted a picture of Caniff and him where he is seen hugging him and posing for a photograph. "Does a homophobe do this?," the supporter asked on Twitter. Check the picture here and also see the controversial video below.

(Source: Youtube.com/summerbrooks)

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