Teenage Girl’s Suicide Attempt Video Goes Viral

By @snksounak on

This is straight from the worst of one can ever imagine for a growing teenager. A 17-year-old is typically visualised as someone full of hopes, possibilities and ambitions to look ahead into the future. However, Nala Morrison decided to commit suicide, record the video of the attempt and post it on social media. Ms Morrison swallowed six bottles of tablets on camera to commit suicide. Now that the video has become viral on social media, Ms Morrison is reportedly steady in her health as she managed to survive the attempt.

In the video, the teenager from New Jersey talked about her distressed childhood, involving emotional and physical abuse which included rape. She used to feel that she was unwanted in the family, which made her feel extremely lonely. She also talked about her relation which seemingly did not become successful.

One of the major reasons of her low self-esteem happened to be her skin colour, which is, by the way, exactly like the president of her country. It turned out to be rather sad to know that the same country, which has seen the black community progress fighting every odd and shine like a star, still has people like Ms Morrison who still feels inferior due to her skin colour.

Ms Morrison used to live in Missouri. Later, she moved to New Jersey to live with her father. That was when her relation with her present boyfriend Marquis (last name unknown) started facing difficulties. Ms Morrison's suicide attempt video on Facebook revealed the phone number of Marquis who saw it and informed her father immediately. The dramatic turn of events saved Ms Morrison as her father rescued her before it was too late. She consumed six bottles of her father's digestive pills.

According to the Facebook update of Joseph Young, Ms Morrison is back with her boyfriend. The couple seem to keep everything behind and have a fresh start.

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