‘Teen Wolf’ Spoilers Episode 13 ‘Anchors’: It’s Beginning of a Darker Journey


MTV's "Teen Wolf" is back with its 12 episode-second instalment of Season 3. The premiere episode, "Anchors," of this instalment provides some creepy, insane viewing. "Anchors" picks-up a few weeks after the events that took place in "Lunar Eclipse."

In the episode, Scott, Stiles and Allison show signs of side effects because of the ritual sacrifice. Stiles cannot differentiate between what is real and what is a dream. At one moment he finds himself walking in a classroom that has super-tall, supernatural trees, the next moment he finds himself waking-up beside Lydia.

The spectre of Allison's crazy aunt, Kate, keeps visiting Allison. The continuous visions of her aunt make Allison lose her mind, as she shoots an arrow at Lydia's head. Lydia's head does not get the arrow, thanks to Isaac's intervention. In one of the visions, Allison forms a bond with Isaac, but her aunt strangles him and Allison joins her and stabs him.   

Scott is unable to keep his wolf-power in check. He finds his shadow turning into a wolf or claws appearing. Also a couple of times, Scott's physical appearance begin to transform into the wolf. In the episode, Scott and Stiles contact Dr Deaton for help. It looks the trio have been possessed by something evil.   

A new girl is introduced in the episode. She is Kira. The new girl seems to know what is causing the three to behave in an out-of-order fashion. Scott takes a liking to Kira and shows signs of interest in her.

Also in "Anchors," Sheriff Stilinski is digging-up details on the old cases that are supernatural in nature.   

Talking about this season, Jeff Davis, creator and executive producer of "Teen Wolf," said to The Hollywood Reporter, "This season we delve into the darker sides of Scott, Alison and Stiles, and the consequences of making that sacrifice at the end of 3A comes back to them. This is very much a season of consequences and Scott will worry about if he will become the monster Peter was, Alison may worry that she'll become the hunter Kate was and Stiles may have a darkness inside him as well -- and may not be there for his friends and may even hurt them."

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