Teen Wolf Season 4 Spoilers: Stiles to Help Malia during Transformation, Watch Sneak Peek Video for Episode 4 Titled The Benefactor

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The next episode of "Teen Wolf" Season 4 will be introducing the MTV series' new villain called "The Benefactor" and a sneak peek video has been released for Episode 4. However, the video clip does not feature the villain character but Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) and Malia (Shelley Hennig).

The relationship between Stiles and Malia will be further established in the TV series as Stiles helps the were-coyote go through her transformation. In the sneak peek video, Malia can be seen tied up while gradually transforming into her were-coyote state.

Stiles showed his support and talks to Malia through the process but his new love interest has something else in mind. She wants to hurt Stiles, threatened to tear him and his face but the teenage boy does not want to leave her alone.

Then, the straps that were holding Malia started to rip and her eyes turned blue making Stiles, with an alarmed look on his face, back up a little bit. It looks like Stiles need to run away because his life could be in danger.

Malia could hurt Stiles but the were-coyote could also not. Perhaps Malia will realize that Stiles has been there for her and she did not really mean the things that she said to him.

The Carter Matt report pointed out that the "Teen Wolf" producers are really pushing for the Stiles-Malia relationship even though there are several viewers that still root for the Stiles-Lydia relationship. Meanwhile, Stiles may not be the only one to have romantic relationship in "Teen Wolf" Season 4.

According to the Fashion & Style report, Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) could be active in the romance department with Melissa McCall (Melissa Ponzio). Actress Melissa Ponzio, who portrays Scott's (Tyler Posey) mom in the TV series, teased that her character could have a little kissing scene in an upcoming episode.

"A little light fondling? Yeah, I think there's that possibility. I can't really officially comment," Ponzio stated. The actress further added that Sheriff Stilinski must work on taking off his wedding ring first before going on date with her character even though Melissa McCall has described the Sheriff to have a "handsome face."

"Teen Wolf" Season 4, Episode 4 titled "The Benefactor" is scheduled to air on Monday night, July 14, at 10 pm ET on MTV.

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