Teen Wolf Season 4 Spoilers: Sneak Peek Video for Episode 5 Titled I.E.D. Reveals Assassin Violet's Next Target [WATCH]

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In the latest "Teen Wolf" Season 4 sneak peek video for Episode 5, assassin Violet (Samantha Logan) has a new target that will continue accomplishing her work for The Benefactor. The hit list wants the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills dead and it looks like Violet will be the one to complete the task together with Garrett (Mason Dye) after Peter (Ian Bohen) killed their fellow assassin called The Mute (Joseph Gatt) in Episode 4.

The sneak peek video in the Carter Matt report does not really reveal that much detail but it promises an intense hide-and-seek scene in the high school bus. In the clip, a new blonde girl is chanting and hiding at the back of the school bus while Violet looks around with her necklace weapon.

The blonde girl was able to knock down Violet in the school bus in order to get out and escape. However, the sneak peek video stopped from there and it is expected that Violet will be able to find her target and finish her job. Have a look at the sneak peek video below for "Teen Wolf" Season 4, Episode 5 titled "I.E.D."

At this point, it is still unknown what made Violet and Garrett a follower of The Benefactor. Viewers are now aware that Scott (Tyler Posey) and his pack will eventually face and deal with the two new freshmen students.

Fans found out that Violet and Garrett are bad news during the lake house party that Lydia (Holland Roden) suddenly hosted in "Teen Wolf" Season 4, Episode 4 titled "The Benefactor." The two new students initially appeared to be normal teenagers ready to have a good time at the party but it turns out they have an agenda.

Violet killed a werewolf with the use of her necklace weapon outside of the lake house. Afterwards, Violet approached Garrett and the teenage boy informed the assassin that the payment for their recent kill has already been sent.

The upcoming episodes are expected to reveal some details on the new characters. In the Bustle report, actor Mason Dye teased during MTV's "Wolf Watch" that his character Garrett and Violet never met "The Benefactor" yet and the two teenagers are just working for the villain for the money.

The "Teen Wolf" gang must find out what Garrett and Violet are up to and put a stop to their evil plan as well as the other assassins of "The Benefactor." Find out what will happen in "Teen Wolf" Season 4, Episode 5 titled "I.E.D." which is scheduled to air on Monday night, July 21, at 10 pm ET on MTV.

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