'Teen Wolf' Season 4 Spoilers: Actor Tyler Posey Talks about Scott's Relationship with FBI Field Agent Dad

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MTV series "Teen Wolf" is set to return this coming June with a lot of important storylines for the brand new Season 4 like Kate Argent's (Jill Wagner) new creature status and the introduction of new characters, good and bad. However, one important storyline to be expected in "Teen Wolf" Season 4 is Scott's (Tyler Posey) relationship with his FBI Field Agent dad, Rafael McCall (Matthew Del Negro).  

According to the Hypable report, actor Tyler Posey talked about his werewolf character's relationship with his father at the Bite Convention. The 22-year-old actor thinks that Scott wants his father, who will be making more appearances in Season 4, to make more effort being in his and Melissa McCall's (Melissa Ponzio) lives.

Tyler Posey explained that it has been a long time since Scott's dad is in the picture and the young werewolf understands why his parents did not get along. The actor added that Scott has noticed how his dad is now all of a sudden inside the picture.

"He just kind of wants to weasel in and just kind of go under the radar and just kind of fall into the family that way," Tyler Posey revealed. The young actor further added that Scott wants his father to try even though the True Alpha werewolf got used to the fact that he grew up without a dad.

"He does want his dad to try, which would be new in Scott's world. So yeah, I do think he'd be receptive to [his dad reintegrating himself in Scott's life]. But we'll see," the MTV star teased. The Carter Matt report noted that the storyline between Scott and his father will enable the werewolf character to still remain human and not lose touch with humanity while living in the supernatural world of Beacon Hills.

In a previous report, series creator Jeff Davis has teased that Scott McCall will be dealing with human problems in "Teen Wolf" Season 4 like the relationship with his dad as well as his heartbreak over Allison's (Crystal Reed) death. "What happens in season 4 is very human problems start to arise. He's faced a lot of supernatural problems but now he's going to have some very difficult human ones," Mr Davis revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"Teen Wolf" Season 4 is scheduled to premiere on Monday night, June 23, at 10 pm ET on MTV.

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