'Teen Wolf' Season 4 Spoilers: Actor JR Bourne Talks about His Character Chris Argent Struggling after Allison's Death

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Aside from Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), there will be another man mourning over Allison's (Crystal Reed) death in "Teen Wolf" Season 4 and it is none other than her father, Chris Argent. Actor JR Bourne, who portrays the character, teased during an interview what the fans can expect from Allison's hunter dad in the upcoming new season of the MTV series.

In the Hollywood Life interview, JR Bourne revealed that Chris Argent will be carrying Allison's death and his grief will control his actions in "Teen Wolf" Season 4. The death of his daughter will also bring Chris Argent back to the supernatural world that caused Allison's death.

The 44-year-old actor teased that Chris Argent is going to struggle after the devastating events that happened at Beacon Hills in "Teen Wolf" Season 3. "Well, he definitely has taken off and I think he has struggled with coming back. Ultimately, it's going to be Scott asking him to return," JR Bourne shared.

Bourne further explained that his daughter's final code of "We protect those who can't protect themselves" will make Chris Argent realize that he must come back. Viewers can see the hunter in Season 4 sporting his grief beard.

"The easiest way to show grief is to grow a beard! I've had a lot of fun growing it, too," the actor revealed. When Chris Argent comes back, JR Bourne revealed that the character will be having a "tremendous amount of vengeance and anger."

"So, at this point, I feel like he feels he's protected these people but I think he might also be struggling with that these are the people who played the biggest part in the action and destruction of his family - he is going to struggle with that," Bourne explained.

When asked about the relationship between Chris Argent and his sister, Kate (Jill Wagner), JR Bourne teased that the reunion is not going to be a warm one. According to the actor, Chris Argent will be aware of Kate's return and his sister came back not to go flower shopping but to work on her agenda.  

As for the new villain in "Teen Wolf" Season 4, JR Bourne admitted that there are a lot of people to suspect on who The Benefactor might be. The actor even teased that Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan) is at the top of the list since Chris' father is someone who really wants to kill the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills.

"When you think about it, [there are a lot of people] that would have a potential reason and a potential satisfaction that would come out of [killing all the supernatural creatures]. There is going to be a real 'who is it?' Yeah, it's a great mystery that [Jeff Davis] created for this season," Bourne revealed. "Teen Wolf" is set to return with Season 4 on Monday night, June 23, at 10 pm ET/PT on MTV.

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