'Teen Wolf' Season 4, Episode 9 'Perishable' Recap/Spoilers: The Benefactor Finally Reveals Identity

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In the latest episode of "Teen Wolf" Season 4, access to the Deadpool list is now out of control so professional assassins and even amateurs can easily obtain the names of the supernatural targets. Scott (Tyler Posey) and his pack must now figure out who "The Benefactor" is really fast before the assassins get to accomplish the Deadpool list.

Spoiler Alert: This feature contains major spoilers on "Teen Wolf" Season 4, episode 9 titled "Perishable."

When Deputy Haigh (Lou Ferrigno Jr.) found out that Deputy Parrish (Ryan Kelley) is on the Deadpool list, he had no problem in setting his partner on fire including his patrol car. The outcome of the incident revealed what supernatural power Deputy Parrish has and it is the ability to survive fire.

Scott, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lydia (Holland Roden) tried to explain to Deputy Parrish that he is different from everyone else. However, they do not have any idea what creature Deputy Parrish could be.  

Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) and his son, Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), shared a tender moment at the hospital as financial problems surfaced. Sheriff Stilinski must undergo surgery after getting shot in the shoulder when Deputy Parrish attacked his partner, Deputy Haigh, for burning him alive.

Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) appears to be troubled with his encounter with the Berserkers in the previous episode to the point that he is seeing the creatures at school. Add that to the mystery of his printer shooting out several copies of the Deadpool list in the middle of the night where he is now listed with a worth of $18 million.

Meanwhile, Lydia finally shared a story about her family history particularly with her grandmother, Lorraine. When she found out about her ability of predicting death, Lorraine did everything to learn more and it included Meredith Walker (Maya Eshet) who became insane because of Lorraine's experiments on her.

Lydia was able to break the code with Stiles helping her. The last keyword is "Ariel" coming from the book "The Little Mermaid" that Lydia and her grandmother always read together when Lydia was a little girl. The list showed that Lorraine Martin is on the Deadpool list.

Scott was at a bonfire party held at Beacon Hills High where he was watching over his lacrosse team members from getting drunk, as per Coach Finstock's (Orny Adams) instructions. Scott spotted Malia (Shelley Hennig) at the party and tried to explain why they kept her real identity in secret but the were-coyote insisted that she only wanted to dance and get drunk.

Scott noticed that Liam also wanted to get drunk but declared that it will not work on them. However, Scott realized something was off when he started to feel weak. The True Alpha werewolf realized the effect was not coming from the alcohol but from the music of an assassin DJ.

More assassins arrived at the party, took Scott, Liam and Malia and drenched them in gasoline. Fortunately, Mason (Khylin Rambo) turned off the music making Scott regain his strength. Derek and Braeden (Meagan Tandy) also arrived at the school to help Scott in stopping the assassins from killing them.

Lydia and Stiles decided to dig more information involving Lorraine Martin and the two had to face once again Brunski (Aaron Hendry), the cruel orderly at Eichen House. Lydia and Stiles bribed Brunski with $500 to give them access to the Eichen House files.

The two started to get suspicious when they noticed Brunski is using a tape similar to what "The Benefactor" uses. Then, Stiles started to question Lydia why his name got added on the list but Brunski suddenly made his move and attacked them both.

While Deputy Parrish was looking at the incident reports, he noticed that the person in charge at the morgue receiving the dead bodies is none other than Brunski. The deputy arrived in time at the Eichen House to save Lydia and Stiles.

Stiles and Lydia explained that Brunski is "The Benefactor" controlling Meredith with the Deadpool list and killed the banshee when she tried to help. However, Brunski revealed that Stiles and Lydia were wrong because it was the other way around.

"You think it was me? That I was controlling her? She was controlling me," Brunski stated before he died. Lydia realized that someone else is "The Benefactor" and then Meredith Walker showed up alive and well, thanks to a fake death, and admitted that Brunski is not on her list but he is a bad person so he must die.  

 "Teen Wolf" Season 4 will return with a new episode on Monday night at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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