'Teen Wolf' Season 4, Episode 8 Recap/Spoilers: Scott Thinks His Dangerous Plan Worked, Lydia Discovers Banshee Family Secret

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In order to make "The Benefactor" reveal his or her identity, Scott (Tyler Posey) agreed to put his life in danger with a temporary death to find out through his pack if "The Benefactor" came out and personally confirmed his death. The True Alpha werewolf thinks his plan worked while banshee Lydia (Holland Roden) discovers something about her family that can help in solving the mystery of the "Teen Wolf" Season 4 villain.

Spoiler Alert: This feature contains major spoilers on "Teen Wolf" Season 4, Episode 8 titled "Time of Death."

Scott no longer wants to see more people die because of the Deadpool list of "The Benefactor" so he came up with a plan with his pack to find out the identity of their enemy.

Scott allowed Kira (Arden Cho) to electrically shock him so he would look dead and the pack has 45 minutes to find out who "The Benefactor" is or the True Alpha werewolf really dies if they go over the time frame. Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and Kira's mom (Tamlyn Tomita) thinks Scott's plan is a bad idea, but Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) and Chris Argent (JR Bourne) trusted Scott so they did their part in the plan. Even Scott's nurse mom, Melissa (Melissa Ponzio), took part in his son's crazy plan.

Stiles used his time in accomplishing Scott's plan as a distraction from thinking about Malia (Shelley Hennig). The beginning of the episode showed Stiles missing the were-coyote and dreaming about her after she walked away in the previous episode because she found out that she is a member of the Hale family.

Malia went back to the Hale family vault where she discovered her adoption records kept in a safe. "I gotta buy a better safe," Peter (Ian Bohen) stated after he arrived and saw what Malia did. Peter and Malia had an interesting discussion where he told the young were-coyote that he is not "The Benefactor" and offered something that will interest her and it is none other than information about her mother.

After Chris Argent and Stiles told "The Benefactor" to come and claim Scott's body for visual confirmation, the group set up surveillance cameras in the hospital so they can find out who their enemy is. Meanwhile, Scott kept having dream-like sequences while unconscious where he wakes up only to see Liam get killed by "The Mute" assassin (Joseph Gatt).

At the hospital, Kate Argent (Jill Wagner) showed up with the Berserkers attacking people and destroying the surveillance camera set up on the hospital roof. Kate declared that she came to get the body but assured Stiles and Chris that she is not "The Benefactor."

Chris Argent convinced his sister to take the Berserkers and leave because they have a plan. Kate did leave the hospital and went straight to Peter to inform him that Scott is still alive.

At the Martin lake house, Lydia is looking for clues that can help her in solving the mystery behind the Deadpool list and "The Benefactor." Lydia's mom followed her there and eventually helped her daughter in finding what she was looking for.

Lydia's mom confirmed that she knew Meredith Walker (Maya Eshet) after looking at the photo. Mrs. Martin also told Lydia that her grandmother, who died in Eichen house, heard voices and wanted Lydia to throw her ashes across the lake when she reaches the age of 18.

However, Lydia discovered that the urn does not contain her grandma's ashes but mountain ash. The lake house is made of mountain ash as well. Then, Mrs. Martin gave Lydia a note that her grandma wrote before she died.

Lydia opened the note and saw a code written. The young banshee asked her mother if she was sure her grandma is dead. "Yes. I mean, she has to be," Lydia's mom responded.

Meanwhile, Scott and Kira talked about their plan to lure "The Benefactor." Kira wished their plan worked because no one came to confirm that Scott really died. "Actually, I think maybe it did work," Scott told Kira.

Scott further added that even though they did not find out who "The Benefactor" really is, now he may know a lot more about their enemy. Scott wondered who has the power to know that someone died and do not need visual confirmation. "A banshee," Kira responded.

"Teen Wolf" Season 4 will return with episode 9 titled "Perishable" which is scheduled to air on Monday night, Aug. 18, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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