Teen Wolf Season 4, Episode 3 Titled Muted Spoilers: The Mouthless Creature Appears, Scott's Mom in Danger [WATCH PROMO VIDEO]

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Things will get personal for Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) in "Teen Wolf" Season 4, Episode 3 titled "Muted." The synopsis and promo video of the upcoming episode tease that Scott will be dealing with human and supernatural issues as someone threatens his mom's life and position at the lacrosse team.

The brief synopsis for "Teen Wolf" Season 4, Episode 3 in the Hollywood Hills spoiler report reads: "Scott's position on the lacrosse team will get threatened. In the meantime, Stilinski is going to investigate a murder." The report further teased that actor JR Bourne is set to make a guest star appearance in the new episode as Chris Argent.

In the promo video released, the new lacrosse team member arrives at Beacon Hills High and Scott questions who the new dude is. Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), Scott's best friend, does not sound pleased as well with the new face in town. "What is he, were-cheetah?" Stiles commented.

Then, the video teased that someone attacks Melissa McCall (Melissa Ponzio), Scott's mom, to lure the True Alpha werewolf. The ending of the video clip shows the new evil character without a mouth gesturing to keep quiet.

Executive producer Jeff Davis teased in the Zap2it report that Scott and his pack will be dealing more with human problems in "Teen Wolf" Season 4 but there will still be humour to make up for the dark theme set up in Season 3B.

"I think in 3B, we really challenged ourselves to go dark and dramatic and give Dylan O'Brien the arc and see and push our actors. What we really wanted to do this season -- we talked about it a lot in the writers' room -- is bring a lot of the fun and humor back to the show," Davis explained.

To do that, Jeff Davis revealed that the "Teen Wolf" gang will have less focus on supernatural creatures and more on human challenges in Season 4. "This is very much a season of human problems," Davis teased.

However, the executive producer and series creator further added that the new season will still have plenty of monsters appearing at Beacon Hills. "Teen Wolf" Season 4 airs on Monday nights at 10 pm ET/PT on MTV. Episode 3 titled "Muted" is scheduled to air on July 7, 2014.

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