'Teen Wolf' Season 3B Spoilers: Stiles to Find a Mutual Attraction with Someone in Episode 20 Titled 'Echo House'

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The answer to the question if Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien) will get any romance in "Teen Wolf" Season 3B is a definite yes. The TV Line spoiler report has revealed that there is one person who will connect and get involved with Stiles in the upcoming Episode 20 titled "Echo House."

"While last week's scene pointed to a moment of questioning for Stiles, there will be one person in particular in Episode 20, titled 'Echo House,' to whom Stiles finds a mutual attraction... and more," the spoiler report teased the fans.

The Hypable report pointed out that the scene featuring Stiles and Caitlin (Zelda Williams) in Episode 16 "Illuminated" made the fans ask some questions after Caitlin admitted being a bisexual and Stiles did not give an answer when she asked him the same question. Details on the person that Stiles will have a mutual attraction with are still unknown but there is a possibility that she could be the new character named Meredith set to make an appearance in Episode 20.

E!Online TV Scoop previously reported that there will be two new students arriving at Beacon Hills High and they both have troubled pasts. The new characters will be the quiet Oliver, who will prove he is a valuable source to one of the main characters, and the lonely misfit named Meredith who will search for anyone to connect with.

Meanwhile, the small spoilers for upcoming "Teen Wolf" Season 3B Episode 18 and 19 have been revealed. The Spoiler TV report claims Episode 18 titled "Riddled" will have Scott (Tyler Posey) and the other "Teen Wolf" gang go on a search for the missing Stiles while Lydia (Holland Roden) tries to master hew new abilities.

As for Episode 19, the interesting title will be "Letharia Vulpina" where Scott and his friends try to stop a disaster from happening while Lydia and Allison (Crystal Reed) seek out an unlikely teacher. "Teen Wolf" Season 3B returns on Monday night, February 10, at 10 p.m. ET on MTV with Episode 18 "Riddled" and Episode 19 "Letharia Vulpina" is scheduled to air on February 17.

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